Major breakthrough in food technology

Today’s consumers demand more. They are looking for value, yet for more nutritious and more natural, fresher tasting and looking foods, with better colour, texture and mouth feel. Recent growth in premium categories indicates strong consumer demand for enhanced food quality.

The Shaka® in-container sterilisation process produces much better ambient preserved foods. It can reduce sterilisation cycle times by some 90% and make as much as a 50% reduction in energy consumption, compared to some conventional batch retort sterilisation processes. Other costs should be comparable with conventional batch processes. Confidential details are available to Zinetec’s Shaka® process licensees.

The Shaka® in-container sterilisation process is completed in a few minutes to produce fresher tasting and fresher looking long shelf life ambient foods. Food quality is comparable with pasteurised foods and aseptically processed foods over a wide range of products.

The very fast process avoids virtually all the over-cooked notes and flavour loss, the discolouration, and the ‘dullness’ found in many conventionally sterilised ambient foods. Food from a can, jar, pouch or bowl should look and taste great!

The patented Shaka®process is available under licence from Zinetec Ltd. Pilot plants are available for trials at Campden BRI (formerly Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association, CCFRA) laboratories in the UK and at the licenced French and US manufacturers of Shaka® process retorts, Steriflow SAS and Allpax Products Inc.