Metal cans, glass jars, pouches and suitable plastic containers can all be used with the Shaka® process. Packs must be secured within the baskets to ensure all are evenly shaken without damage while allowing the free passage of the heating medium. Retort manufacturers can provide special spacers and retaining systems for most packs.

Highly heat conductive packs, such as cans and pouches allow up to about 95% saving in sterilisation cycle time. Glass and plastic bowls, with somewhat lower heat conductivity will allow up to about 85% saving in sterilisation cycle time.

Glass jars, pouches and plastic containers are, of course, processed with overpressure, and conditions must be carefully controlled to avoid pack damage or bursting. Experts from Zinetec and the Shaka® process retort manufacturers can advise on this.

The Shaka® process provides an opportunity to make significant improvements to the food quality. Brand and packaging policy should be reviewed when moving production to the Shaka® process, as discussed on the Marketing page.