Companies seeking to improve the quality of their food products or develop new recipies can use Zinetec’s Shaka® process pilot plant located at the Campden BRI (formerly CCFRA,) the famous food laboratories near Oxford in the UK. Campden BRI is co-operating with Zinetec Ltd and can provide all necessary support facilities for trial work.
Shaka® process pilot retorts are also available for trials and for formulation development at the licensed Shaka® retort manufacturers, Allpax Products near New Orleans Louisiana, USA and Steriflow in France. For longer process and product development programs, companies can purchase or rent Shaka® process pilot and small industrial retorts for use in their own plants.
At each stage Zinetec’s, Allpax’s and Steriflow’s experts are available to provide technical support to companies entering this important new market sector.
Please contact Richard Walden, Director, Zinetec Ltd, to arrange trial with logistical support at Campden BRI, or contact Allpax in the USA or Steriflow in France.